Bocce is an easy game to learn and play. It is a game that is more of touch and feel than one of physical strength. It can be played with one, two, three or four man teams, but generally is played four on four with two team members at each end of the court. 

   The game begins with a flip of a coin between captains. The winner chooses which color of balls they would like to use and also is first to throw the pallino. The "pallino" is the smaller target ball. The same person will throw the first ball trying to get close to the pallino. The opposite team will then throw until they are closer than the first team.

  Scoring is calculated when all the balls from both teams have been thrown. The color ball that is closest to the pallino gets the point. After the score has been calculated, play continues at the opposite end of the court. 

  More than one point can be made on an end. Here are a couple examples.

   The first image shows a frame or end that has one point scored for green because the green ball is closer than all other balls and a red ball is the next closest ball.


   The second image shows a frame where two green balls are closer to the pollina than any red balls, making the frame score "two green". Notice that the third closest ball is a red ball, stopping the scoring at two green for this frame.